How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Texas

How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Texas

Substitute teaching in Texas is a great way to get your foot in the door of the education industry. It can help you become certified and introduce yourself to people in school districts and get a feel for what it’s like to teach. It can also help you stand out in the competitive market for permanent teaching positions.

If you are thinking ‘How do I get my Texas subbing license? You have come to the right place. More than 22,000 teachers are subbing in Texas schools each year, and you could be one of them in no time. Understanding subs pay and more important how to get your Texas substitute teacher certificate will server as a guide to new teachers in some basic aspects of becoming a substitute teacher.

How do I get a substitute license in Texas?
How to become a substitute teacher without a degree in Texas?

Letters of recommendation can help you secure a job in a favorable school district

When you are attempting to secure a teaching job in a school district, letters of recommendation can help you in several ways. First, they can speak to your abilities and character, as well as your team and peer relationships. Second, these letters can help you secure an interview and/or finalist status for the job. In addition, they can provide additional information and advice if needed.

For the best results, ask two teachers to write a letter for you. You can ask them individually after class or during an extra help session. You can also email them and arrange to meet at a convenient time. When you meet with them, discuss the details and the letter’s content beforehand. Make sure to build in extra time, as you may need to contact your recommender again.

Teachers who have a strong connection with you are good candidates for letters of recommendation. You can also consider other school staff members. Core subject area teachers are especially good candidates, but any staff member can write a good letter. However, colleges typically prefer letters from those who are familiar with the applicant.

Criminal background check required

The first step toward becoming a substitute teacher in Texas is to complete a criminal background check. This process is required of all newly hired employees in the state, including non-certified employees and substitute teachers. In addition, applicants may be fingerprinted. Fingerprinting is typically done at an outside agency, a police facility, or the district’s central education office. The applicant may also be required to submit to a medical examination and to receive vaccinations.

In order to become a substitute teacher in Texas, applicants must have the required number of hours of college education. In addition, they must undergo a criminal background check, which is required by the Texas Education Agency. Generally, this background check will take several days to complete. It checks for any criminal records, misconduct, or complaints against previous employers. The state also checks for any communicable diseases and requires fingerprinting of all substitute teachers. After passing the background check, applicants will be required to undergo a medical examination to ensure that they do not have any infectious diseases.

Applicants must also take a criminal background check to ensure that they are not a convicted felon. Although the criminal background check will not give an exact indication of any felony convictions, it will help applicants determine if they would be barred from teaching in a school. If a background check reveals that an applicant has a criminal record, they may be denied a license in Texas.

Flexible scheduling options

Substitute teaching has many benefits, but it also has some disadvantages. For one, many districts are facing a severe shortage of qualified substitute teachers. Consequently, these districts are increasing their daily substitute rates, and they are also offering substitute teachers additional compensation for teaching challenging assignments. Depending on the district, substitute teachers may also be offered flexible scheduling options, which can help them fit their schedules around other jobs and parent commitments.

Substitute teaching offers flexible scheduling options, reliable income, and professional development. You will meet a diverse set of colleagues and students, and you’ll be able to expand your repertoire of skills. It also lets you return to the workforce after a break. In addition, you can choose the days and times you work, and you can earn up to $170 per day.

Besides flexible schedules, Texas substitute teachers have the opportunity to select which campuses they’d like to work in. While many of these positions require a commitment of time, they offer competitive wages and experience.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Texas
How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Texas


In Texas, a certified substitute may earn up to $ 225 per day. These teachers can work as many days as they want and can teach a variety of subjects. They are eligible to receive additional compensation for high -need roles. Most substitute teachers have bachelor’s degrees. Additionally, the cost of living is lower in Texas than in most other states. This includes the cost of food, transportation, health care, rent, utilities, taxes, and miscellaneous expenses.

Aside from having flexible schedules, Texas schools also offer the opportunity for substitute teachers to engage in professional learning and networking in some of the finest schools in the country. Applications are open for the 22-23 school year, and those who are interested in applying may contact the substitute office at or contact their district’s substitute office. Those who complete more than 45 days of subbing will be paid an additional $20 per day.

If you’re looking for flexible work and a steady income, substitute teaching is the perfect opportunity. It’s a rewarding career with meaningful interactions with students. And if you’re considering returning to the workforce after taking time off, the flexibility of substitute teaching could be the perfect move for you.

Ever dreamed of experiencing a new job or living in a new place? With a substitute teaching license, you can do just that! There are lots of benefits to working as a substitute teacher, and it’s a good way to bring some extra cash into your savings account. We’ve seen that the average sub in Texas makes $76 each day. Obviously it depends on the school district and where you decide to teach.

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