Women's Moroccan Clothing Guide

Moroccan clothing is very versatile and easy to layer. To add an extra layer of cover, you can also choose lightweight cover- ups. A long skirt is also an ideal choice for covering the lower body. Long dresses and skirts cover the arms and legs of a woman. The right clothing is crucial to a successful Moroccan holiday.

Wondering what to wear in Morocco? Here is a complete guide that will help you dress up in style during your visit: a blog with details on the latest trends, pieces to choose from and popular stores.

What kind of clothes do they wear in Morocco?
How do you dress like Moroccan?

Women should cover up head to toe

During your stay in Morocco, it’s crucial for women to dress modestly. While it is not necessary for women to cover their heads, they should wear clothing that covers their shoulders and elbows. In addition, women should avoid wearing anything that is too tight or sheer. They should also avoid wearing clothing with high necklines.

You can wear a tank top or a bikini top if it’s a warm day, but don’t bare your chest. Moroccans are used to tourists flaunting their skin, and they’ll expect you to cover up. If you’re visiting in the colder months, consider layering your clothes. A lightweight tunic or top will give you extra coverage without adding too much bulk.

Women should wear long skirts and dresses

Dresses and long skirts are ideal clothing choices in Morocco. Moroccan women typically wear long skirts or dresses to keep their shoulders and chest covered, even during the hottest summer days. Women should also consider a few loose layers to keep cool during the day. Maxi skirts are one such option, but don’t be afraid to experiment with your style.

Women can also wear shorts in most touristic spots, provided that they balance it with a conservative top and flat shoes. If they are concerned about their decolletage, they can also wear a scarf. However, long skirts and dresses are best for traveling in Morocco. They can be quite cool to the body, and women who visit cities like Marrakech or Ouarzazate will enjoy wearing them.

Women's Moroccan Clothing Guide
Women’s Moroccan Clothing Guide

Women should cover up their arms

When traveling to Morocco, women should be sure to cover up their arms, neckline, and shoulders. Tank tops, strapless tops, and skin-baring shirts are not appropriate and will only lead to harassment. Instead, opt for airy tops that cover up your shoulders and elbows. Women should also avoid form -fitting or sheer clothing and not wear high- necklines.

The traditional clothing for women in Morocco is long-sleeved shirts or long pants that cover the elbows. Strappy tank tops and short shorts are not appropriate, and tourists should avoid them altogether. For a modest appearance and protection from the sun, choose a loose-fitting top.

Morocco presents its visitors with a plethora of experiences and adventures, preparing to get on Morocco’s plane can leave you clueless as what to wear. The experience will be vastly different if you are visiting in a big group and if you are traveling solo. This Moroccan clothing guide will help you understand what kind of clothes to pack for your visit, where to shop and more!

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